As kids in the modern world learn more and more through the use of technology, some school children without that same access to internet start falling behind.

According to Silicon Valley-based corporation Google, 130 million students worldwide are still unable to read or do math – even after four years of primary education – due to a lack of resources. 74% of students have little to no global connection or internet access.

That’s why the corporate tech titan is devoting $50 million to closing the worldwide education gap over the course of the next two years.

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Google will address this problem by distributing the grant money amongst nine nonprofit organizations around the world that are dedicated to tackling tech-based learning solutions.

Technology-based learning can give students access to quality, up-to-date materials and resources; provide proper training and engagement to teachers; and help children keep up with their education despite conflict or violent crisis.

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As the program proceeds, Google will also supplement volunteers who can assist in rural areas with complex subjects like user experience design, translation, offline functionality and data analytics.

This is not Google’s first time stepping up to the plate for global learning initiatives – the company has already donated over $110 million to close gaps in education.

“Around the world, students in low-income communities have to learn with fewer books, out-of-date texts, and materials that are culturally irrelevant or even in the wrong language,” says Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink, education lead at Google. “Technology can bypass the geographic and financial boundaries that block educational resources from reaching students, while also making those resources more engaging, interactive and effective.”

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