A series of accidental phone calls has blossomed into the sweetest friendship between a grandmother and a woman who needed someone to talk to.

Last year, Grandma Margaret dialed what she thought was the phone number for her grandson Barry. She left a voicemail asking him to bring his pants over so she could fix them up for him.

As it turns out, she had mistakenly dialed the number of a woman named Callie. Upon hearing the voicemail, Callie immediately called Grandma Margaret and told her that she had dialed the wrong number.

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Despite the correction, Grandma Margaret would continue trying to reach Barry only to leave voicemails on Callie’s machine. After several misdials, however, she started to call Callie on purpose.

The two began sharing weekly phone calls so they could swap stories and chat about their lives. Callie was particularly grateful for the companionship because she had been going through a rough time with her family and she appreciated having someone to talk to.

So finally after one year of phone calls, Callie drove out of town to meet Grandma Margaret in person last week.

(WATCH the video below)

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