This 87-year-old grandma wasn’t expecting a pizza delivery boy to show up at her door– nor was she expecting him to also be delivering a message from her grandson.

Claire Olsen’s phone lines were disconnected following the wake of Hurricane Matthew, making it impossible for her to contact friends and family to let them know she was okay. Her worried grandson in Omaha, Nebraska, however, got tired of waiting and sent someone to check on her.

After calling the local Papa John’s in Palm Coast, Florida, he ordered a pepperoni pizza to be delivered to his grandmother’s house with instructions to call his phone number once they arrived.

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When Lance Tyler dialed the number in front of Claire’s house, her grandson answered in a panic, still worried about the senior. Though Claire was initially confused about the unsolicited pie, her face lit up at the sound of her relative’s voice.

Lance may have received an extremely hefty tip for his good deed, but he said the whole experience was far more inspiring than any gratuity.

(WATCH the video below)


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