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Christian Dornhorst became a Louisiana hero this week when – struck by divine inspiration – he used $1,840 of his own money to bake a hearty barbecue for Baton Rouge flood victims and rescue workers.

When he got the idea to feed the displaced families at 7AM Monday morning, the 35-year-old requested to take the day off of work and headed to Sam’s Club with his wife Amanda.

The couple bought all 108 pounds of the brisket in the store along with as much chicken, hot dogs, and sausage as they could carry.

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With a smoker in tow, the Dornhorsts drove to the Celtic Media Center in Baton Rouge where over 2,000 evacuees had taken shelter since the flooding started a few days previously.

“The Lord blessed us with all of these things,” Christian told the Washington Post regarding his truck, his smoker, and cooking utensils. “There are enough people suffering here that I can do this to help.”

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The Dornhorsts were serving up non-stop food up until the brisket was done at 7:00PM – which was gobbled up and finished only twenty minutes later.

In response to volunteers requesting Christian to cook for the Army, police, and Air Force personnel working disaster relief, the couple returned the next day with another $990 worth of food.

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“When you hand someone a serving tray of food, it’s like handing them a hug, a smile and handshake all at once,” the chef told the Huffington Post. “It’s a way to say, ‘I’ve been there before,’ and ‘We’re gonna make it through this’ without saying a word.”

Christian – who is an army veteran himself – says that his employer Dow Chemicals has offered to reimburse him for the meat in exchange for his compassion.

The Red Cross has declared the Baton Rouge, Louisiana flooding as the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. With still more rain and thunderstorms to come, the city has been in a state of emergency with over 30,000 residents and 1,400 pets already rescued. Food, water, and clothes are currently being distributed by volunteers from the Louisiana State University, the Red Cross, and even the Church of Scientology to aid the displaced.

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