Peter Campillo was absolutely shocked when our loving Good News Network community caught him and his family before they could fall into homelessness. Now in 2015 he wanted to thank us for providing overwhelming hopefulness.

In late December we rallied to boost the meager total on his GoFundMe donation page to more than $4,500. With only days until Christmas, we transformed the family’s despair into wonder.

With the help of concerned strangers from as far away as Australia, Peter, his mother, wife and teenage son were able to pay the rent for December and January and also get caught up on all their bills for the first time in “many, many months.”

“I am truly blessed and the whole entire family can not thank you or your readers enough,” he wrote in an email. “To know that there are still people in this world that still care for their fellow man is heartwarming.”

“I was to the point that I really thought no one cared about anyone but themselves anymore, but you all have shown me differently and I thank you for that also.”giraffe kisses dying zooworker

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Not only the money provided solace for Peter. Encouraging messages posted by many donors, including Tahira, Kate, Lisa and Kevin, provided valuable uplift: “Don’t loose hope. Believe!” . . . “Keep your head up. It WILL get better!” . . . “May knowing how many people are cheering you on, help you to a better life.” . . . “We share similar challenges; I also battle bipolar depression. Hang tough! Things will get better!”

Peter concluded his email with optimism: “The last thing I need to complete the scenario is a good job and I believe it will come – just got to keep the faith and not let bad things beat me down again.”

“When I start working again the one thing I would like to do is take the same good will and generosity I got and pay it forward to some other family in need and it would feel real good.”

“Thank you for everything and God bless you and all the readers of your blog and newsletter they are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  1. I wish i could sit down with each and everyone of you that cared enough about a family in dire need to make donations and even if some were not able to donate many many people gave us so much warmth and positive feedback that we were totally overwhelmed, it and you all are awesome, believe that !!! Now that i was able to get the rent caught up as Geri stated and all our bills are now current i am keeping hope alive that i find decent employment soon so that we don’t fall back into that pit of despair but for now even if there are no job prospects today there is always tomorrow and i can now re-apply for my unemployment benefits so that should help, once again to Geri and her readers we thank you and send our love to you all.

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