lake-huron.jpgGreat Lakes water levels are rebounding after a decade-long slump that hammered the maritime industry.

The three biggest lakes — Superior, Huron and Michigan — have risen steadily since fall 2007, when for a couple of months Superior’s levels were lowest on record and the others nearly so. Erie, shallowest of the lakes, actually exceeded its long-term average in June... (Continue reading in Detroit Free Press)

And, though chemical toxins remain in the Great Lakes, Lake Huron fish are less contaminated, says a new report. In 36 categories of fish for Lake Huron, 11 became safer to eat over the last four-years.

Lake Huron had the greatest improvement of any of the Great Lakes. (Read more in Canada’s Observer)

Finally, king salmon seem to be back on the rise in Lake Michigan. The anecdotal evidence from Lake Michigan’s charter captains, according to a Detroit Free-Press column, seems to support a recovery of the king salmon (also known as chinook salmon) over the past several years, likely due to a rebound of their forage base, or food supply.

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