"Snowball, an albino Guinea pig at the Humane Society shelter of Harrisburg, is being called a hero in the rescue of a choking pit bull-mix puppy."  In Harrisburg, PA, a “resident” guinea pig at the West Shore shelter of the Humane Society saved the life of a choking puppy by alerting staff members. They heard frantic squealing and shuffling from the cage of Snowball, an albino guinea pig that shared a hallway with Bianca, a deaf white pit bull mixed puppy. When staff arrived, they discovered that Bianca had tried to escape her crate by wedging her head through the door. When she became caught, she started choking and struggling to remain conscious.

Bianca was quickly released from the crate door and is now fine. “The dog got lots of hugs, gave us lots of kisses, and the hero enjoyed two carrots,” said Claudi Luci, an HSHA volunteer.

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