When a Waffle House employee was having trouble keeping their eyes open during the graveyard shift, Alex Bowen was not about to stop them from getting some much-needed sleep.

Instead, he decided to take manners into his own hands.

Bowen had originally walked into the West Columbia, South Carolina restaurant at 3AM in search of something to eat after a night of drinking. After unsuccessfully waiting 10 minutes for someone to assist him in the deserted restaurant, he finally went back into the kitchen and saw the exhausted employee slumped over a table.

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Bowen told Inside Edition: “As soon as I walked around the bar to go to the back and I noticed one employee sleeping, I looked at her for a few seconds and I thought about waking her up but I thought ‘this employee is probably tired, I got you fam, I’ll take care of it’.”

Bowen then made himself his own steak and cheese sandwich, gobbled his meal down, cleaned up after himself, and quietly left the restaurant. He didn’t dine and dash, however – Bowen later returned to the restaurant so he could pay for his food when a cashier was present.

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