It’s not just a stereotype – cats will often risk one of their nine lives getting stuck up in a tree. Luckily, there are two guys who are more than happy to rescue them free of charge.

Shaun Sears and Tom Otto are two brothers in Seattle who specialize in rescuing cats that are stuck up in trees.

The brothers, who also work as arborists during the day, say that they still accept donations for their services – but they are mostly just happy to hang out with cats.

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“As cat people ourselves, we know how horrible it feels when a cat is missing and then cries for help are heard high up in a tree,” say the brothers. “That is why [we] rescue cats—anytime, day or night, in all kinds of weather.”

Additionally, if you have never been to Washington state, the trees can get pretty tall. On average, Sears and Otto have to recover felines from as high as 100 feet in the air – sometimes even 150 feet.

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“Some cats can climb down by themselves, but others definitely need help. Cats can climb up trees easily, but due to the shape of their claws, climbing down a tree is very difficult.”

Though they are based out of Seattle, the brothers have traveled all over the state for cat rescues. Since they first started their Canopy Cat Rescue nonprofit in 2009, they estimate that they have rescued over 2,000 cats.

(WATCH the video below)

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