A restaurant is “giving chickpeas a chance” – to promote peace in Israel.

The Hummus Bar in Netanya is now offering half price hummus to every table shared by Jews and Arabs.

The restaurant posted the deal on Facebook October 18, and customers have been eating it up ever since.

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Manager Kobi Tzafrir was fed up with growing intolerance by both Arab and Israeli extremists and decided he could make a small difference by feeding people who were willing to bridge the gap over lunch or a snack.

His Facebook post essentially says there are no Arabs nor Jews at Hummus Bar, only human beings. It touts “really excellent” Arab hummus and Jewish falafel and invites people of all faiths and backgrounds to dine together — and enjoy free refills on soft drinks.

מפחדים מערבים? מפחדים מיהודים? אצלנו אין ערבים! אבל אין גם יהודים... אצלנו יש בני אדם! וחומוס ערבי אמיתי ומעולה!...

Posted by חומוס בר - Humus Bar on Monday, October 12, 2015


The post has generated 6,700 likes and 1,700 shares with comments coming in from all over the world.

“If there’s anything that can bring together these peoples, it’s hummus,” Tzafrir told the Times of Israel.

Photo permission from Hummus Bar, Facebook

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