Local people in Gateshead, England were invited to learn to play harmonicas together for a short film created as a metaphor for health and happiness.

As part of the Happy Healthy Gateshead Project, the project aims to promote Britain’s 5 Steps to Wellbeing by encouraging people in and around the town centre to build wellness into their daily life.

Gateshead Council’s Arts Development Team worked with award winning local filmmaker Anton Hecht to create this whimsical music video which incorporates the first three steps.

Locals were choreographed running or undertaking some form of activity while playing their new harmonicas with musicians playing the William Tell Overture.

According to National Health System these 5 steps can add 7½ years to your life:

  1. Connect- Connect with the people around you: your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors.
  2. Be active- Take a walk, go cycling or dance. Find the activity that you enjoy, and make it a part of your life.
  3. Keep learning- Learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and a new confidence.
  4. Give to others- Even the smallest act can count, whether it’s a smile, a thank you or a kind word.
  5. Take notice – Be mindful of your feelings and thoughts, your body and the world around you.

(WATCH the video below)