With thousands of commuters going about their everyday routine, subways tend to feel a bit glum on the average weekday.

These passengers’ trips were brightened, however, when a group of performance artists roused them into a singalong of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”.

Orchestrated by the same organization that instigated a “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” flash mob on a morning train last summer, this irresistible tune was sung in 25 cities across 18 countries.

The group, known as The Liberators International because of their love of free artistic expression in public, performed the tune on subways from Australia, to Malaysia, to Puerto Rico, to England, and many others. Passengers were handed lyric sheets and flowers to encourage participation.

VIDEOVon Trapp Singers Delight With ‘Sound of Music’ Flash Mob on Train

The results are magical.

“With news of terrorism and war dominating headlines around the world, The Liberators International want to remind humanity that we are stronger together than we are apart,” says the organization’s website. “Singing has been proven to break down barriers between people, as well as improve mental health and general wellbeing.”

The group is also responsible for the world’s biggest eye contact experiment in 2015 in which 100,000 people from 156 different cities participated.

(WATCH the beautiful video below)


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