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An activity book filled with puzzles, mazes, and ‘Find the Lump’ word searches may seem like an unconventional way to spend time in the chemo chair, but for women like Kim Kovel who are trying to make light of a very dark situation, it could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Kim cancer coloring book submittedWhile undergoing chemo, Kovel called in a favor from Nike illustrator and friend Mark Smith, asking him to create an activity book for her—something that could satisfy her short attention span.

The result: HELLO my name is CANCER is a coloring book for adults undergoing treatment for cancer that utilizes edgy humor to garner laughs, which could lower blood pressure, boost t-cells, trigger endorphins and reduce stress levels. Coloring-for-all-FB-group

“It’s ok to laugh and say, ‘You have cancer and it’s going to be okay,’” she said.

Adults Are Using Coloring Books to Combat Stress

The Kickstarter campaign officially kicks off October 1 with a goal of $15,000, which will get 1,000 books into cancer centers across the country.

(WATCH the video below *Warning: video contains edgy language)

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