App store iPhone-Apple graphicDear Users: This year, I am keen to design and fund an iPhone/Android app for good news, and this is your chance to help.

I am disadvantaged in this, because I don’t even use a smart phone! Ha!

Obviously developers will have their own ideas, but I want to hear what you think.

I haven’t hooked up with a designer yet, so feel free to put out the word if you know any creative developers.

Meanwhile, send your recommendations to me in the Comments area below. — Or, if you don’t see Comment area below, just EMAIL ME here.


P.S. I am also completely revamping the website, so if you have any strong feelings about what you want to see, please let me know your thoughts. (Sneak peak: I’ll likely be dropping the subscription firewall in favor of a donation/advertising model.)




  1. I’ve shared this site with a bunch of friends and I REALLY think an app would be awesome!!!! Normally, if apps send me a lot of reminders or alerts it can get annoying. I think this app would be one of the exceptions. Maybe there can be a feature where once a day you can get an alert (without opening the app) that gives you a good news headline. For example, I can set up my ESPN app to alert me when a game is over and give me the final score. I can send a screen shot of what that looks like if you want it for reference.

    Also, I think the donation/advertising model is an awesome idea. If you end up doing that I’d definitely promote the hell of out it with my contacts.

    Thanks for all the great news. Awesome, awesome site!!!

  2. I agree with dfloyd2 that a feature that makes it easy to contribute good news to you is a good idea. I think it would reduce your workload.
    Also, taking a cue from orion2222, it would be good if the app. made it easy to share good news items with our friends.

  3. an app would be great. I am new to the site and super stocked I found this. I already removed all my other news apps. All the same bad news. Just don’t forget about us android users. I am sure you can get donations for funding. In regards to the app just something customizable would be great in regards to what stories the user wants to see.

    can’t wait

  4. Hi Byrron,

    Thanks for the input. (You mean something customizable, like choosing categories of news to display Only, or just display first?
    Yes, I hope to try kickstarter. That’s the only way I could afford to do BOTH ios and android apps.

  5. Janet, Don’t worry. I wouldn’t want a site that had ads all over the place. Mostly, the advertising/donation model will look like public broadcasting — asking people to support the programming, which has minimum ads.

    Welcome, and thanks again for supporting our work!

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