Extremely articulate, yet homeless, Tom Murphy is one of the best chess players in the country. He has won major tournaments and is just a few points away from earning "master" status. Today, the 49-year-old African-American lives in a park in D.C. where he teaches chess and beats anyone who challenges him.



  1. Sometimes the law of attraction is working powerfully even
    across the Atlantic — I was just thinking, during the past few days,
    that I would like to begin offering the homeless here in Paris money to
    play chess (as well as a similar strategy game I’m working to create),
    and enrich both of our lives, rather than simply give them
    money around no real activity. I would benefit immensely, and I think
    they would too. Today of course I see this story about
    the DC chessmaster.. I guess he’s creating good action in more places than DC. Not a bad coincidence!

  2. That’s so cool. I hope he gets a job from this like they said he might. The homeless, the unemployed, etc. often do contribute great things to society (or have done) and should not be automatically labeled as bad, but be treated as unique individual human beings, which is what they are. Good for him, he can be my friend any day.

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