homeless woman given home for her and dogs-WGNvid

After a local Chicago woman was featured on the news sleeping in a tent in the woods, having given up her dogs to a local animal hospital, the community has rallied around her — and her pets — in a big way.

After losing her home a year ago, Linda Anderson found she couldn’t use the homeless shelter because she has a part-time job working in the middle of the night. She also was heart-broken that she had to give up her two dogs, because she couldn’t take care of them.

To the rescue were people at the Roselle, Illinois Animal Hospital, who have been caring for and boarding the dogs for last six months. Donations came flowing into the hospital after WGN-TV featured their good deed.

But to solve the problem, Linda would still need a home.

In steps the CEO of Zeman Homes, which owns and operates mobile home communities, who decided to give Linda a home.

CEO Jeff Fannon had the residence painted and refurbished and his employees got into the holiday spirit collecting household items, like pots, pans, linens and toiletries, to fill it.

“I am very proud of my team,” said Ed Zeman, Chairman of Zeman Homes. “A lot of our employees are not that well off themselves and they were the ones that, it seems, gave the most.”

(WATCH the video below [a larger version from YouTube is at the bottom] – or  READ the story from the WGN)


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