The Russian president has approved the idea of offering large land plots for free to anyone who resettles to the Russian Far East to start a farm or other business.

Similar to the American “Homestead Act” that encouraged immigrants to settle in the western states of the US in the 19th century, Russian officials hope the land grant would motivate people to migrate to the Far East.

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According to RT News, the plan would offer the free allocation of 1 hectare (2.5 acres) plots of land to every resident of the Far East and to anyone who is willing to move to the region for the purpose of starting a private business “in farming, forestry, game hunting or some other enterprise.”

Given the vast territory of the Russian Far East, its population of 6.3 million people translates to slightly less than one person per square kilometer, making the territories one of the most sparsely populated areas in the world. Further, the population has been rapidly declining–by 14% in the last fifteen years.

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(READ the full story from RT News) –Image by TUBS, CC


  1. I don’t see this as good news. This area is one of the few large unspoiled areas on the planet. Giving away land for free will lead to development of the land which will destroy the environment, leading to the loss of wildlife and plants that need this area to thrive.

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