During World War II an explosion shot some metal into Don Karkos’s eye. Doctors told him he would never see again with his right eye. When asked if he wanted the eyeball removed he said, "Nah, let’s leave it in for looks." Sixty-two years later, while preparing a racehorse for riding, he got whacked flush in the head, hard and straight above his blind eye. When he got home later his sight had been restored…


Justin Rodriguez wrote about the 82-year-old for the Times Herald-Record in New York. He added:

This story is for all the people who believe in possibility. People who have been through sickness and hurt and war. Tough things happen in life, and people like Don Karkos just go on with it. And occasionally, something else happens years later, when you least expect it. Some people call it a freak coincidence, some call it fate, others call it God. But life becomes so much bigger that you look at it differently.

(Full story at recordonline.com plus video)

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