fruitHospitals, including some run by Kaiser Permanente, are serving all-natural, all-organic foods in their cafeterias to satisfy not only their mission to promote health but the appetites of visitors and workers who rave about the fresh fruit smoothies, wild salmon, and homemade pies with antioxidant-rich dried cherries…


Not only does the organic food taste great, but the hospitals’ budgets are benefitting because more people are buying the food.

No longer does the cafeteria staff worry about which patient needs low-salt and which needs low-fat. Everybody gets the same healthy, lean, and tasty food. In just a year, one hospital rid its menu of all trans fats and major additives.

"It is important that we recognize the connection between a healthy earth and healthy human beings. If we don’t have a healthy planet, we won’t have healthy human beings." (full story –AP)

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