He’s been a Houston fixture, advertising his two furniture stores in Houston for over a third of a century. This week he advertised his own cell phone number and opened both locations to 400 victims of the Texas floods from Tropical Storm Harvey.

“We’re opening up both buildings as shelters during this horrible time,” Jim Mcingvale said in a video on the company Facebook Page. “We’ve got lots of beds, we’ve got lots of food, we got water, and you can even bring your animals.”

Then, he proceeded to give out his personal cell phone number in the LIVE video broadcast.

“If you need something, call, and we’ll try to get you whatever help we can. We’re all in this together. . . We’ll come out of this stronger and better than ever before.”

McIngvale also sent out his fleet of large delivery trucks with drivers to pick up people who were in need of a safe place to shelter.

“Yes, it’s very trying right now, but we are Texans and we will help each other as we have done for 200 years.”

Mcingvale, himself, has done this before — during floods last year and during Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago. “He built his stores on elevated concrete to make them floodproof,” reports NPR News.

Now Gallery Furniture is collecting donations of hundreds of cleaning supplies, such as Clorox, shovels, Pinesol, shop vacs, and sponges at their 6006 N. Freeway and 7227 W. Grand Parkway South locations so that affected Texans can clean up the mess left by one of the worst storms in recent American memory.

Known affectionately in the city as “Mattress Mack,” he opened and closed the inspiring video announcement with his daughter’s favorite quote: “If not for our struggles, we would not have known our strength.”

(WATCH the video below –Photos via Facebook)

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