Hashtag Lunchbag, a nonprofit that began with a few brown-bag lunches for the homeless on Skid Row, has spread to 100 cities and five continents.

#HashtagLunchbag was born on Christmas Day 2012 in a Los Angeles apartment with just a small group of friends. The intent was simple, to prepare and deliver a hearty and well-balanced meal to our local homeless community.

“We all chipped in a few bucks before taking a quick trip to the grocery store and purchasing a few goodies. We invited over a few more friends to help assemble the lunch bags, blasted some music, and then hit the streets.”

“Before we knew it, other friends starting requesting invites to the next outing,” says their website, www.hashtaglunchbag.org.

(WATCH the video below from NBC) – Photo #HashtagLunchbag via Facebook

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