When a whale found himself choking on trash, he approached some nearby boaters in Australia’s Sydney Harbor to ask for help.

The whale, who had a plastic bag and fishing line stuck near its mouth, swam alongside the boats, flapping its flippers on their hulls as the people aboard tried to help by removing the obstruction.

A young fisherman, Ivan Iskenderian, finally snatched the bag during one of the passes, letting the whale breathe a sigh of relief.white-humpback-whale-New-Zealand-Dept-of-Conservation-750px

Rare White Whale Spotted as Sightings Hit Record High in NZ (WATCH)

It was even grateful enough to hang around and pose for some selfies with its rescuers.

(WATCH the 7 News Australia video below) – Photo: Ron Kovacs video

WOW… Pass it On (below)

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