The Lesson: There can be a lot of scary emotions that come from changing your career and leaving your corporate identity behind – but it’s more important for you to take control of your future instead. In this podcast, host Joseph Liu talks with Maddie Potvin, a former retail apparel buyer who ditched working at Levi’s and Macy’s to pursue her passions. Together, they discuss the importance of work environments; being able to be kind to yourself throughout your journey; and recognizing that – even though it can seem that you are chained to a job – you can live your life however you want.

Notable Excerpt: “I ended up renting a desk at a co-working space just to kind of get out of the house … that’s where I am right now. That has been really, really helpful and I really wish that I had done this a year ago … it’s just about having a place to get up and go to everyday. When I left Levi’s, I was like ‘I want total flexibility, I could totally work from home, I could be a remote person’, and I’ve realized that’s actually not a good environment for me … I thrive in a little bit more of a collaborative environment and I need to have that social interaction with people, so for me, just physically being in a place that is not my house and having a place I can go to and create a little bit of a structure has been amazing […] simply interacting with other people and talking to other people –whether it’s about work things or not, just the simple fact of social interaction … changes your mindset.”

The Guest: Maddie Potvin is a former retail apparel buyer who bravely chose to forgo climbing the corporate ladder in favor of pursuing other interests, including her passion for exploration and traveling the world alongside her husband. Currently, they are working on building a van and turning it into their “dream adventure mobile” (lovingly nicknamed The Potvan, after their surname). You can tune into her exploits on their Instagram page.

The Host: Joseph Liu is passionate about helping people gain confidence in going after what their hearts desire. After having been through three major career shifts himself, Liu now serves as a Career and Personal Branding Strategist, helping professionals change and relaunch their identities and personal brands. He shares his tips and tricks on his website, and hosts the Career Relaunch Podcast.

Podcast: The Career Relaunch Podcast, which is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, provides listeners with inspiring stories on the subject of career changes so people can understand the long-term positive ramifications of taking on something as seemingly daunting as a shift in career path.

(LISTEN to the fascinating talk below)

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