A thousand apologies go out to Good News Network fans who experienced our deluge of notifications that accidentally went out on August 4.

We had a problem when deactivating a WordPress plugin and so had to secretly republish all 366 On This Day in History columns.

Unfortunately, my tech team and I neglected to remember that notifications would be sent out for each one of these columns. Whomp.

Even though nothing looked different on our website, if you had previously signed up to receive notifications whenever a new article was published, you were inundated with notices on computers and devices. Again, we are so embarrassed and sorry about that.

If You Want To End Post Notifications…

Here’s how to turn these off. It isn’t something we can do on our website, because it is within your browser.

  1. Go to Apple System Preferences
  2. Go to Notifications
  3. Scroll to find Good News Network and click to open
  4. Change your display options or unsubscribe there

How To Resubscribe to Notifications…

From time to time, notifications may suddenly stop appearing. Though not normal, you can usually resolve this by resetting Safari.
Here is how you can do it:
– Open Safari browser
– In the upper-left menu, click on “Safari” -> “Reset Safari”
– Make sure all boxes are checked and click “Reset”
– Close Safari
– Select Finder, and from the top-left menu click “Go” -> “Go to folder”
– In the box that opens, enter the following: “~/Library/Safari”
– Delete the file “Configurations.plist.signed”
– Delete the file “UserNotificationPermissions.plist”
– Delete the file “LastSession.plist”
– Delete the file “History.plist”
– Open the folder RemoteNotifications and delete all the files within
– Open your trash can and “Empty” the trash
– Open Safari and visit a couple times and you should see the prompt asking if you would like to subscribe for notifications.



  1. Dearest GNN:

    I have been blessed from the day I found you. I read these beautiful stories daily with a kleenex box close by and I go through withdrawals if I skip a day or two.

    Your site has showed me that there is much more love than hate in this wonderful Universe of ours. For that I am eternally grateful.

    Thank you for keeping the love flowing.


  2. Hi Dave, I don’t even use Safari, but having a Safari browser open on your device, is the only way to sign up for instant push notifications. And, even if Safari was closed, the notifications turned on like a fire hydrant for the ten minutes or so.

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