I wanted to preserve the poll results from last week asking ou viewers whether they thought the Hudson River plane crash was good news and belonged here, or not. The results might make you wonder…

I would welcome a Hudson River rescue story/video on the site… 72%

I’d rather not see the story about surviving a plane crash… 15%

Not sure… 13%

But, it doesn’t surprise me. I am used to this, after 11 years. It is a very narrow range of story that EVERYONE can agree is “good news”

Were you surprised by these numbers? 



  1. I thought it was wonderful news. I guess it depends on if you are seeing “crash” or seeing, “no one was killed” This is probably the first time there has been a major air crash where no one was killed. What is not good about that? The only thing that didn’t survive was something that wasn’t alive. Hooray!!!

  2. Personally I found the story heart warming. This guy’s dedication to safety and skill. I respect others’ beliefs though, and agree with Tony that we all view it through different lenes. I agree Geri was right to run it as the survey showed many people would otherwise miss out being warmed by it. I hope those that found it a little distressing do understand.

  3. We were in NYC shortly after this happened…and to be there next to the Hudson River, knowing what had happened on it, felt really POWERFUL. That pilot and that river saved countless numbers of lives. I believe that anyone involved in that landing will tell you that it’s good news, and I agree!

  4. Not only was it good news because no one died, but it was good news personally for the pilot and for the future of safe flights. Pilot Chesley Sullenberger has worked years on safety air research and training crews crisis management. The fact that every one is safe after the landing will only help with airplane safety and training. How cool is it that he personally searched the plane to make sure it was empty?

  5. Definitely good, if not great, news! Birds fly. Airplanes fly. The fact that those birds crossed the path of the airliner is an unfortunate accident but the outcome, due to the professionalism of the entire crew, should be celebrated!

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