hypnotist Nadeen ManuelHypnosis can help people to quit smoking or lose weight, but did you know it also helps treat depression?

Struggling with depression for as long as she can remember, Nadeen Manuel knew she needed to do something to combat it.

It was during her first hypnosis session that she found the key to become free from her life-long depression.

The London native said her depression was something she had once believed impossible to overcome.

“It completely changed my life. I felt . . . I was destined to die that way. The subconscious mind is vast and mysterious. Once I was able to heal certain emotions, the depression went away.”

Now a therapist, Nadeen will demonstrate her hypnosis techniques at the Women’s Lifestyle Show this weekend at the London Convention Centre, leading two sessions on hypnotherapy. The cost is $77, which includes 2 hypnosis audio programs, class materials & live hypnosis session with Nadeen.

WATCH her video “Learn About Hypnosis” below, and READ the story at the London Free Press

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