ellen degeneresThe American Idol charity telethon called “Idol Gives Back” netted more than $60 million (*) for impoverished children in Africa and America — as well as for Boys and Girls Clubs that keep kids safe and out of trouble after school. Five million dollars was pledged by Fox parent company, NewsCorp, $100,000 was donated by one of the co-stars of the night, Ellen DeGeneres, and 70,000 people joined One.org to help eradicate poverty after a plea on the show from U2’s Bono. – AP (*) UPDATE: The fund topped $70 million, says Ryan Seacrest on the Ellen show today.


  1. This is a really great story. People will often talk about the fame and success awaiting the latest Idol talent in a given year and country. Less often, do we hear about how Idols give something back other than their talent to society for the greater good. Their newfound reputation can be harnessed as it has been here. I look forward to future fundraisers like this one. Why not make it an annual thing? It would be a fantastic way for an Idol to increas public exposure while also contributing to a worthy cause.

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