In another bid to reduce their environmental impact, IKEA has launched a pilot program for taking back used furniture.

The Swedish retailer is offering to buy back customers’ used furniture in exchange for a voucher worth up to 50% of the original value of the product.

All customers have to do to sell their furniture is submit photos of their product to IKEA workers for appraisal. If the item is deemed to be in fair condition, they will buy back the furniture either for resale or for recycling.

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IKEA has even partnered with GoGet vehicle services to provide customers with a van for up to two hours so they have enough time to move and return the item without worrying about transportation or disassembly.

The initiative will not only save tons of furniture from ending up in landfills landfills, it is also an ingenious strategy for maintaining customer loyalty and return rates.

The take-back program is currently only running out of the Tempe location in Australia, but should it prove successful, it may expand to more of their stores around the world.

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