IKEA, the beloved furniture supply chain, has just announced that they will no longer be using any single-use plastics in their stores or restaurants.

Starting in 2020, the company’s 363 outlets worldwide will be eliminating everything from single-use plastic plates, drink stirrers, cups, tableware and straws to freezer bags, garbage bags, and packaging.

The initiative is a welcomed followup to the company’s attempt to eliminate oil-based plastic from all of their products by August 2020. Not only that, the company has invested $1.7 billion in becoming 100% renewable energy dependent by the same deadline.

The list of IKEA’s philanthropic and eco-friendly endeavors could go on for a while; they have donated $450 million in aid to regions affected by climate change; they now sell solar panels in their stores; and they even donate doll beds to cats and shelter animals that are waiting to be adopted.

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All of these initiatives are part of their determination to be a company that is “good for both people and the planet.”

“Through our size and reach we have the opportunity to inspire and enable more than 1 billion people to live better lives, within the limits of the planet,” says Torbjörn Lööf, the chief executive of Inter IKEA group.

“Change will only be possible if we collaborate with others and nurture entrepreneurship. We are committed to taking the lead working together with everyone – from raw material suppliers all the way to our customers and partners.”

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