IKEA soft toys 2015 released IKEA

These soft, plush toys are going to raise a lot of hard cash to help children in need around the world – and it’s all thanks to IKEA, who recruited some kids as artists and toy designers.

Children at IKEA stores in 40 countries were invited to draw their “dream soft toy” for a good cause. Their drawings were reviewed last year and ten of the wackiest and sweetest were selected to become actual toys for sale in the Swedish furniture stores worldwide.

One Euro (about $2.00) will be donated for each soft toy sold, to benefit UNICEF and Save The Children.

dragon released IKEA

mouse released IKEA

monster puppet released IKEA

cyclops released IKEA

Every year since 2003, IKEA has donated €1 for every soft toy sold in IKEA stores in November and December. In 13 years, IKEA’s Soft Toys for Education Campaign has raised more than $84 million to support 99 projects in 46 countries.

(WATCH the video below to see all ten winners)

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