“A 9-year-old boy whose mother died in a car crash in the Arizona desert was rescued by a man entering the U.S. illegally, who stayed with him until help arrived the next day.” (cbsnews) Thanks to Kim S. for the link!


  1. Finally something positive about an illegal immigrant!
    with all we hear in the media, people perceive immigrants as bad people. In reality they can be as good as anybody else, like the man in this story.

  2. Kind and Compassionate, yes, but still entering illegally
    I can’t understand why some twist this issue. I personally don’t know anyone who is opposed to immigrants but I know many opposed to those who immigrate illegally, disregarding the nation’s sovereignty and our laws in the process. I appreciate Cordova’s good deed but that does not justify his act of violating the immigration laws.

  3. Has anyone ever thought about that to this day All Americans besides the Native People are Immigrants? Your fore fathers took this land from the native people unrightfully. So, really there is nothing to be proud of, don’t you think? Most of you are of european decent etc.. I feel it is high time to recognize this!
    After having stolen this country from its righteous people the arrogant british royalty closes the border to the rest of the world and then call them illigal immigrants. Yet, still the general public here does not understand that Independance Day ist ‘just an illusion’ in a county where minorities are still treaded as ‘second class people’ and You Are still ruled by the Brits, just look at the President’s Ancestry and you will understand why.
    Please get rid of Your SmokeScreen, dear Americans!

    Besides – is it really so hard to understand that all people are One and that everybody actually has the potential to show Heart and Soul, Compassion, Love and Caring? Just because a person is not american does not make them a ‘bad person’. If you went to Europe, or some other Continent – Guess what? You would be the foreigner that people may greet with superstition in their Minds, especially how politics over here are misrepresenting the tue Heart and Soul of Human Nature to be kind and loving.
    Think about this peoplez 🙂

    Love, Peace and Light to all of You,

  4. Of course it is true that we are all immigrants.
    It is also true that most EVERY nation, including some native tribes, have pillaged and killed and plundered — both land and peoples.
    Fortunate thing is we are in a time of transformation toward the good. Many of us are learning to demonstrate our true natures — as you say, kind, loving, compassionate and caring.

    Don;t be too hard on one nation. Most people are doing the best they know how…. We need to encourage their true natures to come out.

  5. Hello Geri,

    I completely agree with you on the point that MOST people are finding it in their heart to do the best they can as earth is in its transformation process for tapping into the ‘Golden Age’ as once aeons before. This is calming and soothing to know. The sad part is that most people here in this nation are actually ready to do good and to live a good and healthy life, yet there are still the few that call themselves ‘leaders’, or politicians that still have a mind set to simply serve themselves of off the back of the nation. This is what I have stated as mis-representing the whole nation and once this is cleared away with I feel that truly peace in the world throughout is achieved. Most of all it is important to understand that ‘keeping earth GREEN” so to speak would be also a great step to contribute as a nation. There are many other nations that are already ‘self-conscious’ enough to understand that all is One and that we cannot keep on producing eminission as it is simply just because ‘the few’ refuse to let go of making money from oil, which helps our cars drive. For decades now, there are models and technology known where we could actually run cars on water, or even air, yet because ‘the few’ won’t be able to fill their pockets anymore in order to finance havoc and war in other countries by simultaneously neglecting to make sure that this nation and its people are no longer living under poverty guidlines. All this is coming to its end, and the sooner all of us are truly thinking as one – we are from planet earth and not from which country a person comes from – the sooner the illusion of seperation will be conquered and transcended by expanding one’s mind to understand that when for example a mother looses her child, her husband, her parents, brother or sister because of some brutal invations governed by mind-imprinted hatred through mere believe (believes change and are NOT eternal Truth), which I call brain-washing and re-mote controlling people in order to enter a matrix of someone else’s making and serving them and not a purpose for the Love and Good of all, so therefore it is of utmost importance to understand that this mother or father simply DOES NOT deserve to live through grief and pain by loosing a loved one, just how any american mother or father would NOT DESERVE this in case another country would find it on their behalf and believe system correct to invade this country here.
    As this being said, I feel that it proves even more how much ONE the people of this planet really are, because same events and scenarious create the same thoughts and emotions within all people.
    God loves all people the same and it cannot be that some humans are still able to successfully alter God’s Laws by entering the weak mind of some by making them believe that they are above the Laws of God and the Universe. If it sais: Though shalt not kill! That’s what it means – THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are a soldier and believe that there are exceptions, because some human being told you so, then I am praying for your soul to see Truth and Light immediately.

    Make Love, not War is a famous Quote!
    Happy Holiday Season to all of you….
    I care ….


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