Kazanksky cathedral in St Petersburg, Russia. (Photo by SWNS)

A dedicated team of photographers has created these astonishing Inception-inspired pictures using hundreds and hundreds of pictures layered on top of each other.


Golden Gate in Vladimir, Russia. (Photo by SWNS)

The photos, which were created by video production company Lestnica, capture the iconic grand plazas, towering monuments, and majestic architecture of Russian cities that appear to be bending over themselves at a stomach-churning tilt.


Uspensky Cathedral in Vladimir, Russia. (Photo by SWNS)

Each image is anchored by an architectural feature as the focal point, with sidewalks and streets fanning outward similarly to how they were depicted in scenes from the 2010 sci-fi thriller.


Govenment building in Vladimir, Russia. (Photo by SWNS)

“The first time I saw shots similarly to these was in the movie Inception,” said Artem Prudentov, founder of Lestnica. “I thought it was computer graphics and it was impossible to take the same kind of shot in real life.


Palace Square in St Petersburg, Russia. (Photo by SWNS)

“A little later, my friend Ivan Medvedev sent me pictures that resembled those from the film. He found them on the internet and I thought it was just a photo of a 3D model.


Moscow university in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by SWNS)

“I said it wasn’t possible to take the same real picture of the city,” he mused, “but all this time, I was thinking about how to get a picture like that.


Victory Park, Moscow, Russia. (Photo by SWNS)

“I started trying. I took pictures, edited them, found mistakes, and corrected them. This cycle was repeated again and again over the following months.”


Russian Exhibition centre in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by SWNS)

The Lestnica photographers finally succeeded in creating the warped images by bending and merging together a series of photos.



The team had to carry out 100 photo shoots and capture over 1,000 photos from different heights in order to create the final products.

Each image took over 12 hours to complete—but it finally resulted in a series of pictures that were appropriately “grand and majestic”.

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