dog in a mangerFive days before Christmas, when Diane Agricola arrived at work in Glendale, Ohio, people gathered around the nativity scene next door where there was an injured dog curled up in the hay around the manger.

The office workers named him Gabrielle, and persevered to find him medical care. The first vet’s office was closed. The second refused help because they didn’t know if the dog was dangerous. Later, a Cincinnati pit bull rescue group visited the dog at the third vet’s office and promised to find a good home.

The dog was not aggressive at all, despite injuries to his let and face. Diane said the dog was “so sweet he gave them kisses.”

When local TV stations shared the story, offers flowed in to foster the 1-2 year old pup.

(WATCH the video below)

Thanks to Connie Naber who submitted the story!

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