cats helped by inmates-KPTVvidA program at a Washington state prison is improving the lives of abused cats and also the inmates who now care for them.

Five felines that were rescued from neglectful or abusive situations currently reside at the prison as part of a cat adoption program coordinated with the  Humane Society. The inmates socialize the cats and get them ready to be adopted.

One of the cats has already been turned around. When she arrived, she did nothing but hide and refused to eat. Now, after several weeks, she allows her caretaker to carry her around the unit and plays in his room.

“She’ll make somebody a really good pet,” Warfield told the KPTV reporter confidently. “Someone that will love her and pay attention to her.”

(WATCH the video below, or read the story at KPTV)

Thanks to Chris Cloud for submitting the story!


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