The Lesson: Is your body trying to tell you something as you sleep? This Harvard psychologist confirms what people have always known; answers, ideas, and inspiration can come while we sleep. Dr. Deirdre Barrett has spent her career studying the science of dreaming and has some compelling insights on how you can first remember your dreams, then make them work for you.

Notable Excerpt: “First of all, I think [dreams are] naturally already working for us to a certain extent without us having to have any very specific intent about that. In my work … I went around interviewing experts in all fields about whether they ever had had a dream that was useful and the majority of the examples I collected were completely spontaneous. The narrative would often be, ‘You know, I never paid much attention to my dreams until I was working on this chemistry problem that I just couldn’t solve and then one night, I had this dream where dream solved it.’ People who aren’t particularly paying attention to their dreams can sometimes have breakthrough dreams. I think it happens a lot more in cultures that explicitly teach that dreams may be useful for practical things, because I think some of the problem-solving dreams are so obvious that when you wake up, it’s just you remember being told exactly the literal answer to this problem.”

The Speaker: Dr. Deirdre Barrett, PhD, is a psychologist who teaches at Harvard Medical School and specializes in the study of dreams. Barrett has written a few books about human behavior and the science of sleep, such as “The Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists, and Athletes Use Dreams for Creative Problem Solving––and How You Can Too”.

The Host: Dave Asprey, the CEO and Founder of Bulletproof, is a biohacker (changing his environment from the inside-out to have full control of his biology). For nearly two decades, he’s been questioning the status quo of nutrition and medicine so he could feel better—and have more energy in his 40s than he had in his 20s. Join more than 1 million biohackers who follow Bulletproof for leading-edge information on how to supercharge your body and upgrade your brain.

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