I would really love to share our good news story with you.

We are a large family living in Cape Town, South Africa. My husband and I have 5 children – 4 biological and an adopted son, Noah.

Noah was abandoned at birth. He was found wrapped in his mother’s jacket and left under a tree in a field outside a nearby shanty town.

At around the same time, I was pregnant with twins, but sadly at 12 weeks, tragedy struck and I lost them through a traumatic miscarriage which nearly took my life in the process. As devastating as it was, this experience left us changed in a rather profound way.

A few months later, we got a call from a friend about this little boy that had been abandoned. It stirred us so deeply that we had to go and find out more.

Talk about love at first sight! When we met him, we just knew that it was meant to be. Three weeks later, we brought him home. He is now four years old and the most beautiful blessing to our family – we couldn’t imagine life without him!

My husband, Jeremy, is a professional musician and singer-songwriter. We often write together, and about a year ago, we felt inspired to write about our story: how two tragic events turned into something so beautiful. The response to this song has truly overwhelmed us. Jeremy has performed it on stages in Holland and Switzerland, as well as here in our own country and it always has the same effect: people seem to be not only moved, but inspired. We have just finished making the music video which tells the story and we are now in the process of releasing the song in SA.

“What you thought was lost can be found – and made beautiful.”

We are currently working with UNICEF SA on a new campaign called ‘Ending Violence Against Children and Women’ using this song and our story to raise awareness for the abandonment problem in SA. We would really love our story to bring a light to this problem and to motivate people to get involved in whatever way they can.

But more than that, we’d love to ignite hope in people who are experiencing their own form of brokenness. The truth is that we can be each other’s healing. If we are brave enough to reach out and be the solution for someone else in our own time of struggle, an amazing exchange takes place. In rescuing someone else, we ourselves were rescued!

Buy the single on iTunes/South Africa – or worldwide at CD Baby.

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