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When a 9-year-old student named Bruce starts crying in the middle of his martial arts test because of the pain in his hand, his instructor was wise enough to know that ‘boys don’t cry’ is a lie – and that’s what he gently explained to Bruce in his video that is taking the internet by storm.

Jason Wilson is the founder of the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy, a faith-based Detroit, Michigan organization that teaches a form of martial art and meditation called Musar Ru to young boys.

During the Initiation Test in which Bruce had to punch through a piece of wood, he breaks down in tears because it was hurting his left hand.

Instead of scolding the boy, Jason walked him through it.

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“I don’t mind you crying, I cry too,” he says in the video. “I don’t know if you’re facing fear or you don’t think that you can make it – and we all face that from time to time – but when we hit that resistance and we feel pain, we want to stop, right? Because it’s hurting and feel like ‘I don’t want to go through this anymore’, right? But we have to fight through it as men.”

After a few more wise words, the instructor tells Bruce to try again and hit as hard as he can – not only does he manage to punch straight through the board, but he is met with rousing applause from his class mates.

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“During these perverse times, it’s truly vital that we, the men and fathers of this generation, do not allow our boys to grow up with a false sense of masculinity like many of us did,” Jason says in the description of the video. “As a result, we have a mass amount of emotionally unstable men walking in unresolved anger, confusion and depression, instead of power, love and discipline.”

You can help the Cave of Adullam spread their teachings worldwide by donating to their crowdfunding page or following them on Facebook.

(WATCH the emotional speech below)


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