tree planters in Ireland-1MilTreeCampaignphotoBeginning at noon on Friday, the Irish people will pick up shovels and seedlings to embark on an initiative which aims to plant a million young native trees at many different sites across both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in 24 hours.

The non-profit charity One Million Trees in One Day will establish individual trees and woodlands in both rural and urban areas to provide valuable resources, beneficial ecosystems and a lasting legacy. The group is committed to low impact and sustainable management and will shun chemical weed-killers in its maintenance plan.

“Planting a million trees in one day is a great challenge. It might rain, it might snow, but we’re going to give it our very best shot,” says their website.

The group collected donations for the trees using a mobile phone campaign to raise two euros for every text message.

eBay in Dublin is joining the effort planting a tree for each of their 1500 Green Team members in Europe.

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