As a means of encouraging healthier eating habits in the province, this group of south Pacific Islands are issuing a ban on the import of western junk food.

The Torba area of Vanuatu has a population of roughly 10,000 people – many of which are farmers. The local government believes that by prohibiting islanders from having access to easy convenience food, residents will be more inclined to support their local farmers, as well as engage in healthier eating habits.

Torba community leaders hope that by demanding local tourist hotspots to serve only locally-grown food, they will become the only Vanuatu province to be 100% organic, according to the Guardian.

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The region plans on passing local legislation that would prohibit importing any foreign foods – not just biscuits, sweets, and rice. Considering much of the island’s locally-grown produce is rich in nutrients – like fish, root vegetables, fruits, and crustaceans – officials believe that they they can survive just fine without any kind of foreign products.

“At the moment we have an infiltration of junk food from overseas,” said Father Luc Dini, head of the local tourism council. “It is easy to boil noodles or rice, but they have almost no nutritional value and there is no need to eat imported food when we have so much local food grown organically on our islands.”

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