Five years is a long time to go without a home.

While many of us have forgotten about the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010, one organization has spent half a decade continuously helping hundreds of families to rebuild.

Now, Mission Of Hope is celebrating a huge milestone: they’ve just built their 500th permanent home for families affected by the quake.

The Christian missionary organization, which provides education and hospice care to the people of Haiti, partnered with Hope For Haiti and the Haitian government to build the homes in Leveque. The project, titled Blue To Block, aims to provide not only stable homes, but a strong foundation for mental and spiritual growth.Tiny houses Facebook Dwayne A Jones

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The last ten houses were presented to families during a festive moving-in ceremony with balloons and a celebration to bless their new home.

“Our vision from the first home built has been to provide those who lost their homes with a quality, cost efficient Haitian home that will not only provide a place to live but a place to thrive,” says Mission Of Hope President Brad Johnson.

Each house includes three rooms, a small plot of land for farming, a detached bathroom, two fruit trees, access to education, a church, water, and training in agriculture–each built for a cost of $6,000.Youth cleanup Facebook ELCA

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Since their outreach started in 1998, Mission Of Hope has made other kinds of progress in the community as well: between specially housing 150 hearing-impaired families, educating 6,000 kids in school, and providing over 91,000 individual nutritious meals each day, Leveque has become one of the most advanced permanent settlements in Haiti since the earthquake in 2010.

“Our nutrition program started as a result of our education initiative,” says the Mission Of Hope website. “The children who were not properly nourished were having a hard time concentrating and learning in school. We quickly realized there was a problem – kids were fainting in the classrooms because they were hungry.”HaitianKidsReceivingBooks FaceBook screen shot4

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With a lot of their meals coming from locally-grown farmers, Mission Of Hope has made sure that all of their food is agriculturally sustainable, as well as healthy, for young learners.

If you would like to see how you can help Mission Of Hope’s progress, you can go to their website, MohHaiti.org and either make a donation, volunteer, or become a North American Church Advancement Partner.

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