Jimmy Fallon Tom Cruise lip sync screenshot NBC

Tom Cruise has played a jet pilot, a spy, and a teenager engaged in “Risky Business,” but can he trump Mick Jagger?

One of our favorite regular segments on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is when he asks celebrities to grab a mic and pretend to be singers performing on stage. “Lip Sync Battle” is so popular it was spun off into its own TV game show.

Cruise did not disappoint his fans Monday night. Using choreographed moves and nearly perfect timing, he performed two different songs, including a classic rock number from his high school days in the 70s.

In the finale, the pair teamed up to recreate one of Cruise’s iconic scenes from “Top Gun” — serenading a woman in the audience with the Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”

(WATCH the video below from the Tonight Show) Photo: YouTube


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