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In an international body where it seems no one gets along, the United Nations has found something everyone likes – wild animals.

It took three-years, but all 193 member countries of the U.N. have signed on to a resolution to create new and stronger protections for the world’s wildlife.galapagos-baby-tortoise-James Gibbs

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The resolution calls on countries to beef up courts and law enforcement to protect wildlife, and encourage communities to join the fight against poaching, trafficking, and selling illicit goods taken or made from threatened animals.

“The resolution sends a message that wildlife crime, and the global criminal syndicates profiting from it, will not be tolerated,” Leigh Henry, of the World Wildlife Fund, told ABC News.cecil the lion zimbabwe CC vince o'sullivan

Trophy-Hunted Lion’s Tragedy Leads to Animal Rights Triumphs


Starting next year, the UN Secretary General will have to file an annual report on the state of the world’s wildlife and progress countries have made toward fulfilling the requirements of the resolution. The General Assembly is also looking into the idea of creating a special envoy to help keep pressure on countries to live up to their promises.

It’s rare for all the member countries to agree to any one thing, but animals have an appeal that reaches across borders, and attracts tourists.rescue dog Rosie CC pocketwiley

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Gabon and Germany proposed the original initiative, and 84 other nations joined as co-sponsors of the resolution.

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