jamie-oliver-food-revolution.jpgJamie Oliver is not a doctor, yet he is launching a revolution to heal the “Most Unheathy City in America”. Jamie is a reknown British chef who transformed the British school food system. Recently, he took his Food Revolution on the road to Huntington, West Virginia, where half of residents are obese, and local elementary school lunches are mostly fat, with breakfasts consisting of pizza.

His uphill fight is the subject of a new weekly ABC-TV show airing Friday nights. The aim is to use information and education to reduce the epidemic of obesity in Huntingon — and across America. The show airs at 7:00 PM Eastern and 8 o’clock Central time. Find full episodes, recipes and more at the website. Check out Jamie’s biograpy on ABC.

The statistics are glaring. Children today will be the first generation not to live longer than their parents, and diet related disease is the biggest killer in the United States. Obesity costs $150 billion each year in health care costs. These are some of the reasons First Lady, Michelle Obama has chosen childhood obesity as her number one cause while in the White House.

WATCH this amazing preview of the show, below…

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