Football star Jason Witten - SCORE Foundation photoJason Witten, the Cowboy tight end superstar, is seeking to break the cycle of family violence by encouraging male mentors to volunteer in domestic violence shelters, be positive role models for women and children, and coach boys on how to treat girls.

Witten’s mother thankfully fled from a violent household, taking Jason and his two brothers with her.

As an adult, Witten established the SCORE foundation four years ago to fund education programs and building projects. His 2011 domestic violence prevention program called “Coaching Boys Into Men” launched in high schools across Arlington, Texas this year to train coaches to educate their players on the dangers of dating violence.

Over the holidays, he brought his team’s quarterback to help deliver Christmas cheer and gifts to all the transitional families in the local shelter.

(WATCH the Making a Difference video from MSNBC)


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