angel of lightsA 17-year old girl from a suburb in Michigan, who wanted to remain anonymous, sent a letter to Oprah Winfrey thanking her for her inspiration.

Oprah’s “Angel Network”, started this fall, exhorts the audience to “extend themselves to help create mini-miracles in others’ lives”. The teen must have taken the message to her heart.

While sitting in the cafeteria with her many friends, she noticed a boy eating all alone. She went over and plopped down next to the shy boy, with downcast eyes.

She recognized him as “Jerry, the Nose-Picker”. She smiled a warm smile. Though uncomfortable at first, eventually he realized that she was sincere. They started talking and she found him to be one of the most interesting and intelligent boys she’d ever met.

Now, he always has a group of friends eating at his table. And while, before, he would timidly walk down the hall trying not to be noticed, now, he walks with his head held high and enters a classroom with so much confidence…. She thanked Oprah for presenting her with the opportunity, the inspiration, to actually change someone’s life.

(And guess who else’s life is changed? The universal law of giving makes it certain that her life was enriched tenfold.)

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