Jeanna Dodd was worried about making ends meet so she went to the Fairfax, Va., food bank for help. And, believing one should give as one receives, she volunteered a couple of hours unloading trucks in exchange for canned goods.

Later, while at home she struggled forcefully to open one of the soup cans. But the Campbell’s lid seemed suspicious. It suddenly popped off and out tumbled jewels, gold, silver, rings, a bracelet, and a Rolex watch!

The cream of asparagus soup can was not a can at all but a trick container used to hide valuables from burglars. It seems the realistic can fooled even the owners who must have donated it to a food drive.

Dodd, 24, thought it was an answer to a prayer…she had just finished hoping to God for the ability to pay the rent that month.

But instead of cashing in, which could have netted her $7,000, she reported the incident and waited.

The true owners read about the jewelry in the morning paper, and only then came to realize their charitable blunder.

They set out, not only to claim their valuables, but to reward the good Samaritan. They presented Dodd $1,000 and a pair of gold earrings…

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