While at dinner I overheard that the person sitting 15 feet away from me has the same name as mine “Arun,” with both of us having origins in India.

Just to be funny — and possibly get a donation of $11 for a foundation I am involved with,, that supports underprivileged kids in India — I shouted “HI, Arun!,”as if I had known him forever. He looked at me and said ‘Hi’ and stood up to shake my hand.

I got into conversations with him. He is a Doctor who is president of a foundation called “Bridges for Brain Injury” which helps many people recover from brain injuries. They have a Wildlife Defenders outreach program that brings different unique animals to family events.

I work at Visions Hotels, a group of hotels in upstate New York that organizes each year a fun day for kids during Christmas. Last year 12,000 kids were able to have a fun day in the 20 communities where Visions Hotels are located. After hearing me talk about Santa’s Visions events, Arun and his team decided to make the events even more fun for kids by exhibiting the small animals at some of the events.

In December Bridges For Brain Injury brought their education animals to five community events and benefit close to 7000 kids. Next year they plan to exhibit at all events and benefit close to 15,000 kids.

Its amazing how a small joke turned into so much fun for so many kids. We anticipate this great partnership to continue for a long time.

Through this story I hope to encourage more people to share the good that they or their company does. It’s good to share good news — because more good will happen.

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