A tweet from an Irish journalist is going viral after it described the sweetest exchange in court.

According to Sarah-Jane Murphy, a Dublin man was being selected for jury duty when he asked to be excused for the sweetest reason possible: love.

Murphy’s tweet read:

“Man: I can’t serve; I’m away for weekend.
Judge: We don’t sit at weekends.
Man: I’m away till Monday. I’m 54, a bachelor and it’s my 1st time in love.
Judge: Then you GO and you GO with my blessing.”

“It was truly an epic moment,” says Murphy. “I had to force myself not to stand up and applaud.”

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Many of the journalist’s followers have compared the incident to something out of the beloved romantic comedy film Love Actually.

Another social media user aptly remarked that it could be “Guilty of ‘Love In The First Degree”.

Whatever the case, we will definitely always rule in favor of the romance.

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