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It’s not all doom and gloom in this judiciary court – in fact, Chief Judge Frank Caprio tries to make it feel like quite the opposite.

A woman named Sarah was contesting a parking ticket in a Providence, Rhode Island court . When Caprio read the charges aloud, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

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Sarah had received a ticket for parking in a no-parking zone with restrictions from 8:00AM to 10:00AM. When did the unlucky driver receive the ticket? At exactly 9:59AM, two seconds before the zone restrictions were up.

Chuckling, Caprio couldn’t stop joking about the frivolous penalty: “What does justice demand in this case, is it jail?”

In Sarah’s defense, she said that the clock in her car said it was past 10:00 AM. But – since the judge was such a good sport – he let her off the hook anyway.

(WATCH the video below)

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