Keanu Reeves has gone undercover as a hero.

For 15 years, in fact, he’s been ‘The One’ — playing in a blockbuster charity role for kids with cancer, following his sister’s diagnosis of leukemia.

Wanting to remain anonymous, he reportedly has never attached his name to the nonprofit foundation that he set up to fund cancer research and care for children in hospitals.

The 54-year-old Canadian actor, also donates to the Spinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment (SCORE), a charity that supports hockey players with spinal injuries.

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Recently, Ellen K., on KOST-103.5 radio in Los Angeles, gave us the full scoop on his many other good deeds.

When you hear the list, you might be able to bend the spoon of cynicism about Hollywood celebs.

(WATCH the video below from Good News Network…)

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  1. Keanu Reeves and his generous nature; what a gentleman. So good to read about an A-lister that isn’t a perv or an abuser. Keanu rocks a charity! My great nephew had rhabroid cancer and passed at only 5 years old. Brutal. Thankful for Keanu’s kindness.

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